Os Flutuantes / The Floaters

A Piscina, 2005. Óleo sobre linho.
The Swimming Pool, 2005. Oil on linen.
200 x 150 cm.

Floaters” is a painting reenactment of a series of clandestine baths in the lakes of public and private gardens in Porto: Arca de Água, Cordoaria, Carregal, S. Lázaro e Serralves.  The first painting, “Swimming Pool” records the swimming experience among the swans of the lake of Arca de Água, the main reservoir of water which maintained the city fountains  until the late nineteenth century.  Painting was the only possible way of reenacting the experience of submerging into the dark green waters of the lake in a way that could not have been recorded in other media.


Banho Público: Jardim da Cordoaria, Jardim do Carregal, Jardim de S. Lázaro, Jardim de Serralves, 2005. Óleo sobre tela.
Public Bath: Garden of Cordoaria, Garden of Carregal, Garden of S. Lázaro, Garden of Serralves, 2005. Oil on linen.
40 x 40 cm each


Os Flutuantes, 2006. Óleo sobre linho.
The Floaters, 2006. Oil on linen.
150 x 150 cm.